NFL bans ‘Slap Ya Mama’ hot sauce ads over domestic violence issues

slap-ya-mamaThe recent Ray Rice case and how the NFL handled it has shined a light on what many call a domestic violence issue in the NFL. Just like concussions before it, the NFL is becoming sensitive to anything that can be pointed to as the league not being tough on domestic violence. Case in point: their recent ban of “Slap Ya Mama” hot sauce ads during New Orleans Saints games.

The Louisiana based hot sauce brand’s logo has been shown for the past three years after every Saints touchdown during local broadcasts. But that came to an end when the NFL pulled the ads “”in light of domestic violence issues facing the league”.

The parent company of the brand, Walker & Sons, Inc, released a statement criticizing the move.

“People who know our brand ‘get it’ but all of a sudden, after three years, the NFL doesn’t. Maybe they just don’t understand our culture. What a shame!” said Jack D. Walker, the company’s vice president, in the news release.

So the NFL has made clear that banning a hot sauce ad is more important that suspending Ray Rice for more than 2 games.

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