Nene compares playing against Anthony Davis to fighting Dhalsim from Street Fighter

Nene-gets-booed-in-Brazil.Washington Wizards forward Nene plays against New Orleans Pelicans center Anthony Davis twice a year. So you would think that Nene would know how to play against Davis right? Well Davis and his US teammates faced Brazil’s National Team last Saturday and Nene watched Davis show why he is one of the premier young players in the league.

After the game, Nene spoke to the media and he was asked “what is like to play against Anthony Davis”? Nene proceeded to compare Davis to Dhalsim from the video game Street Fighter.

What, Nene was asked, did he think of Anthony Davis, the young New Orleans center who dominated (20 points, eight boards five rebounds) at both ends?

“He looked like Dhalsim,” Nene said.


“Dhalsim. The street fighter. Like a cartoon. With both hands. He was catching everything. Yeah.”

At first I laughed. But then I thought about it, I can see why Nene would say that. Davis arms are probably the longest in the NBA. That’s a very clever response by Nene.

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