Minor league manager strips down at the plate during entertaining meltdown

Joe Mikulik

Joe Mikulik is the manager for the Myrtle Beach Pelicans of the Texas Rangers organization and he has a history of melting down during games which we’ll explore later. As for now, we’re here to discuss his most recent meltdown during that happened on Sunday when he argued a call at the plate in the Pelicans 9-1 loss to Salem.

In protest of the call, Mikulik proceeded to argue with the umpire, recreate the play by sliding into home, and then inexplicably removing his shoes and shirt.

As for Mikulik’s history of meltdowns, there are at least two other occasions where Mikulik has been caught on camera losing his cool during games.

There was this from back in 2006:

And this from 2012:

So it’s pretty safe to say that Mikulik is a vet in the meltdown game.

[Big League Stew]

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