Johnny Manziel flipping the bird at the Washington sideline did not sit well with Mike Pettine

After almost three full quarters of bad football between the Washington and Cleveland, Johnny Manziel decided to liven thing up by flipping the bird at the Washington sideline.

Of course, television cameras caught Manziel’s act and today it will certainly become a “thing”. Even Manziel himself, after presumably being told that his salute was just caught on national television, reacted that he too knew that this would become a “thing”.

So since we all agree that this will become a “thing”, it’s only natural for someone to ask Mike Pettine how he feels about it all. And it shouldn’t be too surprising that Pettine wasn’t pleased.

“It does not sit well,” said Pettine. “I was informed of it after the game. It’s disappointing, because what we talk about is being poised and being focused, that you have to be able to maintain your poise. That’s a big part of all football players, especially the quarterback. We have to keep our composure. That’s something we’ll obviously address.”

As for punishment, ESPN reports that Manziel is subject to a $11,025 fine from Goodell & Co..

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