Eric Fisher is still struggling after being moved from left to right tackle


Back in 2013 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs surprised everyone by taking Eric Fisher with the #1 overall pick. Fisher struggled during his rookie season which led to him being moved to right tackle.To make matters worst, Fisher had offseason shoulder surgery which he still hasn’t recovered from.

The concern became even greater after the Chiefs preseason loss to the Carolina Panthers. Winston was repeatedly beat by Greg Hardy who delivered a big hit to QB Alex Smith. While most Chiefs fans are not thrilled about Fisher’s play, head coach Andy Reid thinks Fisher’s shoulder is still bothering him.

“Anytime you’re coming off a significant injury,” Andy Reid said in a conference call with reporters on Monday, “you have to continue to battle through and that’s what this preseason has been for him. He’s coming off of a shoulder surgery and you saw how he started the game. He started off like gangbusters and then as that arm gets tired he has a tendency to not shoot it quite as fast as he would when it’s fresh. I’m not sure he’s even conscious of that. You see that with players coming off knees, same thing. As the game goes on, they don’t play off it as well as they do earlier in the game.”

For Chiefs fans sake, they better hope that Reid is right or they might have to accept that Fisher isn’t good enough.

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