Cleveland Browns DBs are wearing boxing gloves to help prepare for emphasis on defensive holding

browns-boxing-glovesOne the most unusual training methods is taking place at the Cleveland Browns training camp. If you haven’t heard by now, the NFL has let teams know that referees have been told to make defensive holding a priority this season. Referees have being going around to training camps letting the players know what they can and can not do.

To help their DBs with this, the Browns have them wearing boxing gloves to help them prepare for increased emphasis on defensive holding.

“You’ve got to get guys out of that habit,” the coach said of grabbing. “Instead of putting them in the full boxing gloves that I think would really slow their stride down, they’re more like sparring gloves … like a big mitten.

“The thumb can still come out. I just think it’s more the mentality that they know they have to be able to cover more with an open palm than grabbing and restricting, especially if the rule is going to be called as tightly as we’re told it is.”

It is starting to be really tough to play defense in the NFL.

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