Andre Johnson is not a fan of the increased penalties in the preseason

nfl_g_johnson1x_576Houston Texans WR Andre Johnson has been quiet since arriving to training camp. If you recall, Johnson was looking to be traded this offseason but once he saw that the Texans wasn’t going to do that, he let it go.

Johnson hasn’t played in any of the Texans’ preseason games, but something has caught his attention while from the sideline. Johnson says he is not a fan of the increase of penalties in the pre-season.

“Watching the game last week against Atlanta, it kind of makes the game longer.” Johnson said Wednesday. “It actually makes you hate it a little bit because every time you look around there’s a flag on the ground.”

The NFL’s V.P. of officiating Dean Blandino says that the increase of penalties will not change, but Johnson thinks they will decrease.

“This is just my personal opinion,” Johnson said. “I don’t think it will be called as much in the regular season as it’s called right now.”

Hopefully Johnson is correct because the officiating in the preseason has been terrible.

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