Aaron Rodgers says he was very vocal about bringing Brett Favre back in the fold

favre-rodgersGreen Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers would be the first to tell you that he and Brett Favre are not best friends. We all know the story with Rodgers taking over the starting role which prompted Favre to sign with the Minnesota Vikings. Time heals all wounds and now the Packers are ready to retire Favre’s number.

Rodgers says he’s happy about it and claims he was very vocal about bringing Favre back into the fold.

“I’ve kind of been on the forefront of getting this thing done, you know, in my own way,” Rodgers said. “I wanted to make sure my voice was out there and behind Brett coming back. I think it’s important to bring him back into the fold. It was a great thing to be able to announce that and retire his number and put his number in the Packer Hall of Fame, which is obvious – of course it’s going to happen. He’s one of the greatest Packers of all-time and one of the greatest NFL players of all-time. It’s good to get him back here and hopefully get him here in the fall, as well.”

Good for Rodgers and the Packers for putting their issues aside to make this happen.

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