Vanderbilt players still aren't thrilled with the way James Franklin left

james-franklin-vanderbiltSEC media days kicked off yesterday which means that fall camp is just two weeks away. Vanderbilt was in the news earlier this year due to new Penn State and former Vanderbilt coach James Franklin. A lot has been made about how Franklin took recruits that were committed to Vanderbilt with him.

Sophomore defensive lineman Adam Butler represented Vanderbilt during media day and painted a picture of what James Franklin was really like. Butler says that Franklin lied on multiple occasions and Butler didn’t seem too thrilled with the way he left.

“He repeatedly told us, ‘I’m not leaving, no matter what. You guys don’t have to worry,’ ” Butler said. “He even took it as far as breaking down in tears like he always does.

“He was saying ‘I’m not leaving,’ and then right after the ball game (BBVA Compass Bowl), I mean no warning, no nothing, he just disappeared.”

“He came back and said, ‘I’m sorry, I’m leaving’ and cried again.”

He also said that Franklin did a lot of acting when he knew the cameras were watching.

“He was a big camera guy. He loved the camera, absolutely,” Butler said. “Coach Franklin was true, no doubt, but I feel like some of it was a little bit more than what it had to be. There was a little bit of acting going on.”

I understand how Butler feels but this happens every year with coaches. A lot of coaches lie to their teams about leaving every year then give some excuse instead of just being upfront from the start.

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