Seahawks fans want to build a statue celebrating Richard Sherman's famous tip

tipsketch-218x300As we all know, last year’s NFC Championship Game between the 49ers and Seahawks will be remembered for many reasons. One of those reasons is the play that Richard Sherman to tip a pass that led to an interception that sent the Seahawks to the Super Bowl. To celebrate that moment, two Seahawks fans named Joe Michaels and Chris Bauer are trying to raise money to build a statue to commemorate “The Tip”.

That moment “makes every Seahawks fan’s hair on the back of their neck stand up and tingle,” Michaels said Monday during their announcement on Sports Radio KJR. “That was a moment that was so perfect and so important to this city.

“We thought, if that moment meant so much to so many people, it’s worth celebrating in a big way like never before.”

“We want this moment to be remembered by Seahawk fans and the city of Seattle forever,” Bauer said.

Well I’m sure Sherman is going to love this and I’m sure he will let Michael Crabtree know about as well.

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  1. jerryb2339 says:

    How sad that a team – and a city – defines themselves by one obtuse play in a football game. Not only does this emphasize the bush league level of the Seahawks fans (along with their little, bitty megaphones that they yell into for no apparent reason – certainly not done based on knowledge of the game of football but merely for the idea that noise by itself can win a football game) – it emphasizes their lack of football knowledge and the paucity of their team’s history of success. Yes, “The Catch” is iconic in 49er history, but it is merely a footnote in their long history of success – the “Tip” was an aberration at the very least (Seattle was literally one inch away from NOT having a Super Bowl trophy) – and to commemorate that play as emblematic of the entire team (and City) is beyond sad.

    • Someone’s ego is crying right now.

      “Seattle was literally one inch away from NOT having a Super Bowl trophy.”

      Same could be said about The Catch. Like I said in the comment earlier, you are screaming for small details to make yourself feel better. It sounds like a personality disorder. Get it together, mane.

    • please! its not that serious. you act as if everyone life doesnt go on. its just the highlight of seahawks history. 1 play. that is the biggest in Hawks history. why njot build a statue? teams have statues all over. statues have been made of people or about events that happen in history. that was the biggest play in seahawk history. get over yourself. someone sounds like a “hater”. im a hawks fan till death but i wont be giving money away to build a statue. team owner is a billionaire and has millionaire players. and already makes millions off us fans. i would be happy to see a statue but not at the expense of my wallet

  2. patsfanwilly says:

    This is what happens when a team with no history and a bunch of bandwagon fans get together.

    • Or a team and fans celebrating one of the best plays in their history, you know. Not that you have much logic to begin with.

  3. Jerryb2339’s comment is a sad example of a bitter person over-analyzing details because of his own alliances and overall bitter personality. His comment alone displays the pretentious smugness of his team’s fanbase. Yes, keep telling yourself all of those things. Maybe it can help calm your ego which is crying right now.

  4. patsfan and jerryb….”butt hurt much…?”

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