Report: Mark Jackson's unwillingness to move to the Bay Area was a big issue for Golden State

Mark Jackson

We have heard multiple stories about why Golden State Warriors fired Mark Jackson a few months ago. We heard that Jackson and the Warriors front office wasn’t seeing eye to eye on a lot of things. Well one biggest issues was Jackson’s location.

You see, Jackson is a pastor at a church in Los Angeles. The Warriors knew this and were okay with him being their head coach and a pastor at the same time. But as time went on, the Warriors wanted Jackson to move to the Bay Area which Jackson declined to do. So Jackson’s unwillingness to move was a big factor in his release from Golden State.

For example: when the Warriors hired Mark Jackson, they knew he was a pastor of a church. They knew he would be doing both. If you believe Jackson, they were fine with him keeping his home base in SoCal initially. Something switched and they wanted him to relocate. But that shows a gross misunderstanding of who they had hired, and a misunderstanding of this element of black culture.

Mark Jackson’s job isn’t just as a preacher. He doesn’t just work for a church. It’s HIS church. He and his wife is the heart of the church. That’s a traditional part of the black Christian experience.

There are exceptions, of course. But generally, the preacher is the head (and often the founder) of the church. Just ride around in any inner-city neighborhood and look at the signs. You won’t see the names of the board of governors or the eldership. You’ll see a man, or a woman, because they run the show. It’s been that way for centuries. Most HBCU’s — the best of which is Clark Atlanta University! — are founded by churches and many of them were run the same way.

Jackson seems like the type of person who takes a stand in what he believes in. I think his voice was just too strong for the Warriors front office.

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