Les Miles reads Greg McElroy on ESPN's "Numbers Never Lie"

Les-MilesA couple of weeks ago, former Alabama QB Greg McElroy ruffled a few feathers with a statement he made in regards to Nick Saban. McElroy who now works for ESPN stated that the effects of Nick Saban leaving for Miami are still being felt at LSU ten years later.

Well that statement didn’t go over too well with the LSU fan base. LSU head coach Les Miles was at ESPN yesterday and joined McElroy and others on the telecast “Numbers Don’t Lie. After talking about eating grass and other topics, Miles kind of interrupted the sign off and stared at McElroy and began to read him on his statement he made.

If you are having trouble hearing, here is the audio link. Fast forward to 31:00.

I loved this in so many ways because Miles handled it like an adult. What I also loved is how Miles congratulated McElroy on a great career. That was priceless.

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