Daunte Culpepper believes the Vikings got a gem in Teddy Bridgewater

10418265_845872012106886_8644821395400737067_n1Former Minnesota Viking Daunte Culpepper knows how it feels to be in the spotlight. The Vikings drafted Culpepper with the 11th pick in the 1999 NFL Draft. Back then, there were also questions about his skill set just as there are questions about Vikings rookie QB Teddy Bridgewater’s skill set.

Culpepper was back in Minnesota to take part in a celebrity softball game and was asked about Bridgewater. Culpepper believes that the Vikings got a gem in Bridgewater.

“The Vikings got a gem in the draft (in) Teddy Bridgewater,” he said. “I love (Matt) Cassel’s game. Teddy’s gonna learn a lot from him. (Christian) Ponder, he has a lot of ability as well.

“But the future is Teddy. He’s gonna be the guy. It’s just gonna be a matter of him maturing.”

“In college, he played the game so effortlessly, he made the game look so easy,” Culpepper said. “To do that, it takes skill.”

Culpepper also gave Bridgewater some advice at the rookie  symposium last May.

“Just keep doing what you’re doing, man, just keep working,” Culpepper said. “I could see it in you, you’re a hard worker. Just play the game like you know how to play it, and take it all in. And love every second of it.”

We will see if Bridgewater will be able to silence his critics in the years to come.

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