Chip Kelly believes that DeSean Jackson didn't open the offense for other players to succeed

Chip_Kelly-DeSean_Jackson-032014We have talked about Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly’s relationship with DeSean Jackson and other Eagles players. Most people believe that with Jackson gone, the offense will take a step back from last year. The belief is that the Eagles don’t have a deep threat to replace Jackson.

Well not only does Kelly disagree with that notion, he believes that Jackson didn’t open up the offense for others to succeed.

“I think most people played us in single high [safety] coverage and they played man across the board on anybody and no one was getting any help,” Kelly said. “Riley [Cooper] was getting man [coverage] on his side. DeSean was getting man on his side. Jason Avant was getting man in the slot. Zach Ertz, whoever our tight end was, was getting manned. Running back was getting manned.

“No one is going to play us in two [safeties] deep because if you play us in two deep, we can run the heck out of the ball. We had everybody as close to the line of scrimmage as possible and nobody was helping anybody. They were trying to stop the run game.”

Kelly seems very confident in what he says about Jackson. Time will tell if Kelly was right.

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