Butch Davis says the Buccaneers drafted Mark Barron to stop Jimmy Graham

mark-barronWhile New Orleans Saints TE Jimmy Graham is in the middle of a grievance hearing with his team off the field, other teams around the NFL are looking for ways to stop him on the field. One team who has to deal with Graham often is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Since Graham has arrived in New Orleans, the Bucs are 0-4 against the Saints. Former North Carolina head coach Butch Davis was a special assistant for the Bucs and said that in the 2012 draft, Graham was on their minds. Davis says that the Bucs drafted Mark Barron to stop Jimmy Graham.

“We took [safety] Mark Barron in the first round simply because of Jimmy Graham,” Davis said of the team’s decision with the eighth overall pick that year.

Well it looks like the Bucs need to go to plan B, because plan A is not working.

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