With a suspension looming, Mike Pettine says he has noticed that Josh Gordon doesn't hustle as much


Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine admits that it’s frustrating that he doesn’t know what will happen to star receiver, Josh Gordon. Gordon is still practicing with the team as they wait for the NFL to tell them if Gordon will face a year-long suspension. With that hanging over Gordon’s head, Pettine says he has noticed that Gordon doesn’t go all out for every drill.

“It is something we’ve talked about and from what I understand he’s made some improvement, but it is a work in progress,” Pettine said. “I’m a big believer in quality of reps versus quantity of reps. If I’m a player and I know that I’m going to be out there for 40 full-speed team snaps I may have a tendency to pace myself.

“There still needs to be improvement there but we’re aware of it.”

I can’t blame Gordon for not giving 100% not knowing if he is going to play this year. But at the same time, Gordon caused this situation so he might as well take advantage of the time he has with his teammates.

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