The New York Jets are concerned about the well being of Mike Goodson


The New York Jets cut RB Mike Goodson this morning after he failed to report to mandatory camp yesterday. Goodson has had a lot of personal problems in his life which can end his football career. Goodson could face up to ten years in prison if convicted on a gun charge from last year. The Jets players and coaches said that they haven’t been able to get in touch with Goodson and are concerned for his well-being.

“There’s no question, it concerns me,” Ryan said. “I’ve tried to reach out to him but haven’t been able to make contact with him.”

“The concern is what kind of state he might be in, where he might be and things he might be doing,” wide receiver David Nelson said. “Guys are trying to check in on him, making sure that stuff isn’t reoccurring and taking over.”

“That’s the scariest part,” guard Willie Colon said. “Usually, a guy will send you a text and say, ‘I’m OK.’ Not to hear anything is scary in itself. All you can do is send out prayers to him.”

It’s never good when an organization is concerned about your well-being. I hope that nothing has happen to Goodson. Hopefully he texts everyone to let them know that he’s alright.

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