The Houston Rockets are confident that they can trade Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik


The Houston Rockets plan on having a big offseason this summer. After getting eliminated in the first round in this year’s playoffs, the Rockets are trying to position themselves to bring on another max player. Whether it is Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James or Kevin Love, that remains to be seen.

After the team decided to not pick up Chandler Parsons’ option, the Rockets feel confident that they can move Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik as well.

“According to an individual familiar with the Rockets’ plans, they are confident they would be able to move Lin and Asik’s contracts because unlike their failed efforts to trade Asik last season, they would be looking to clear cap room, rather than bring back rotation players with similar contracts “.

The writing was on the wall for Asik when Dwight Howard signed last summer. In Lin’s case, with Patrick Beverly’s emergence and Lin’s ridiculous contract, he definitely should be traded.

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