The Buffalo Bills are pushing a law to be able to sell beer earlier


The Buffalo Bills are a team in flux right now. Owner Ralph Wilson passed away, the team is up for sell and they’re trying to get a new stadium. All while attempting to field a winning team. That is a lot for any organization to handle in any sport.

With that being said, it looks like the Bills are adding something else to their to-do list. The Bills are pushing a for a new law that will let them sell beer earlier before games.

“The Buffalo Bills are pushing for a new law that would allow them to start selling beer during home games an hour earlier, according to the office of Assemblyman Sean Ryan”.

“The new law would allow the Bills to sell beer starting at 11 a.m for a 1 p.m. home game. Under current law, the team cannot begin selling beer until noon”.

Giving fans an early start might not be the best thing for the Bills or any other organization to do. I’m pretty sure the Buffalo police department would be against it.

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