San Antonio Spurs owner takes a shot at Phil Jackson

Peter HoltSan Antonio Spurs owner Peter Holt has been waiting for this day since 1999. After watching his Spurs win its 5th NBA title in team history, Holt was ready to address a certain individual. When the Spurs won its first title in 1999, it came under criticisms because it was during the lockout season. One of the people that levied criticism was New York Knicks president Phil Jackson.

Back in 1999, Jackson was retired but that didn’t stop him from making comments about the Spurs winning a championship during the shortened season. Holt hasn’t forgotten about those comments and threw a couple of shots at Jackson.

Spurs owner Peter Holt couldn’t help himself, or more accurately he simply didn’t want to. The opportunity to turn the sharp stick back on Phil Jackson, San Antonio’s longtime nemesis and Spurs dynasty denier, was much, much too delicious to pass up.

The smile that spread broadly across Holt’s face and the hearty chuckle that spilled from it revealed his satisfaction in doing so. Holt, basking in the immediate glow of his team’s fifth championship Sunday night, was asked if this title is the sweetest of them all. Holt said, yes it is, although the first in 1999 will always be special, and that’s when you could start to see Holt’s face light up and the smile begin to build…

“Even though it was a shortened, asterisked season,” Holt said, now sporting a full-on grin. “Phil, Phil, Phil, Phil, we all played the same amount of playoff games, didn’t we, Phil?”

Holt was quickly reminded that Jackson was retired that season, his first out of the league following a second three-peat with Michael Jordan and the Bulls.

“Yeah, uh-huh.” Holt said. “Well, he bailed out.”

Well you know that Jackson is going to have a responds to this, but I can’t blame Holt for that shot. What the Spurs have be able to do is remarkable and it always starts at the top.

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  1. JayJayJo says:

    Does anybody care what Phil’s response to this is? Or should I say Phil’s egomaniac response.

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