Reggie Jackson admits that he wants to start next season


Oklahoma City Thunder guard Reggie Jackson has been turning heads ever since he stepped in for Russell Westbrook in last year’s playoffs. Jackson also anchored the team during a stretch when Westbrook was injured during this season.

During the Western Conference Finals, coach Scott Brooks put Jackson in the starting lineup to create more offense and have more athleticism on the court. And after a good performance in the series, Jackson made it known in his exit interview that he would like to be in the starting lineup.

“I’d like to be a starter. I’m not going to lie.”

Here is what Scott Brooks had to say about Jackson:

“I hate to put myself in that position because who knows what will happen over the summer … [Reggie] can play both positions, as can Russ. They can play together, that was proven in this series.”
It will be interesting to see if Brooks pulls the trigger on this starting lineup. The only negative about this is you would have to find a sixth man who you can count on to lead the second team. Which the Thunder currently don’t have.

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