Personal Trainer thinks that Santonio Holmes will sign with a team during training camp

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30-year-old Santonio Holmes is at the crossroad in his football career. After being released by the New York Jets, Holmes watched the bulk of the free agent period go by and was not offered a contract. Some teams are still concerned about leg injuries that has caused him miss time the last two season. Teams also are concerned bout Holmes’ diva mentality and don’t know if they would put up with it at his age.

With all that being said, Holmes’ personal trainer Tom Shaw thinks that Holmes will sign during training camp to the first team to lose a receiver.

“He’ll definitely be on a team,” said Tom Shaw, Holmes’ personal trainer. “Just like [free-agent linebacker] James Harrison will be on a team. As long as teams don’t think he’ll be a distraction, he’s going to get picked up.”

“I think that’s the big thing. Teams are interested in him,” Shaw said. “They want to see him work out to check his injury. He hasn’t had any problems with his injury, which is a good thing.”

“I think Santonio Holmes has grown up,” said Shaw, who has worked with Holmes for years. “He’s grown up more than I’ve seen any player I’ve worked with over the years. That’s a big plus. He understands the importance of not being in Google, where his boys can find things that are negative on him. I really feel like things are going to get better for him. I really think he’ll be a model citizen on any team he goes to.”

Shaw is saying all of the right things for Holmes but I not sure teams will buy it. Holmes has damaged his reputation the last couple of season and some teams might think he is not worth the trouble.

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