New York Knicks believe the Derek Fisher hire will help them land Kevin Durant in 2016

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Miami HeatOklahoma City Thunder forward and NBA MVP Kevin Durant is not scheduled to become a free agent until 2016. While that seems far away, that hasn’t stop some teams from looking ahead. One of those teams is supposedly the New York Knicks.

Most people know that the Knicks will have a lot of contracts coming off their books in the next couple of years. Now with the hiring of Derek Fisher as head coach, the Knicks believe that their chances of signing Durant have enhanced.

“The Knicks, sources say, expect to be a contender for Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant when he is projected to become a free agent in July 2016 and believe their chances will be enhanced by the presence of Fisher, one of Durant’s favorite teammates with the Thunder”.

Usually I would have a problem with a team looking two years ahead, but for the Knicks I understand their logic.

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