Marcus Lattimore says he is trying to take Frank Gore's Job

San Francisco 49ers Rookie CampSan Francisco 49ers running back Marcus Lattimore missed all of last season after a gruesome leg injury during his junior season at South Carolina. Some people questioned if Lattimore’s football career was over.

Now healthy, you would think Lattimore would be in the running for playing time behind Frank Gore. Well according to Lattimore, that’s not where his focus is. Lattimore says he is trying take the RB position from Gore.

“I’m trying to take [Gore’s] job, but I know that’s going to be the hardest thing in the world,” Lattimore told USA TODAY Sports.

“I want some touchdowns. I want a 100-yard game. I’m looking forward to that,” Lattimore said. “It’s going to be special, because, man, this has been a long road. A lot of people told me that it couldn’t be done, because of what happened how bad it was. But now that I’m back out here, I’m just excited. I haven’t really thought too much about [my first touchdown], but I’ll probably be in tears after my first touchdown.”

I’m happy to see Lattimore recover from his injury because it did not look good. If he is anything close to how he was his first two years at South Carolina, Gore’s spot could be in trouble.

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