Manny Pacquiao named head coach for Philippine basketball team


Manny Pacquiao sure knows how to keep himself busy. If being a full-time boxer and Congressman wasn’t enough, Pacquiao has now ventured into another sport.

Kia Motors has purchased themselves a basketball team in the Philippine Basketball Association. Kia wanted to make a splash hire and they accomplished just that by hiring Manny Pacquiao as their head coach.

“I’m very happy to be named head coach of Kia,” said Pacquiao, who was fitted with a red and white Kia jacket with his name and his new title “head coach” emblazoned at the front.

“I really like basketball. Even though I have many accomplishments in boxing, basketball is still in my heart,” said the Saranggani representative.

There is also talk that Pacquiao might play was well which I find hard to believe. I guess he can do this in his spare time while waiting for Mayweather.

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