LeSean McCoy thinks the release of DeSean Jackson was a message to the team


Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy is very outspoken and not afraid to share his opinion. McCoy has watched the moves the Eagles front office has made and took a different view on some things. When the Eagles released DeSean Jackson for not buying in and for who he associates with off the field, McCoy took noticed. In fact, McCoy thinks that the front office sent a message to the entire team with Jackson’s release.

“The whole DeSean Jackson thing, that helped out, to be honest, in making all the other guys aware,” star running back LeSean McCoy said last Monday in a private, post-practice moment. “It’s all possible. They’ll cut one of your best guys if (he’s) not buying in. On any team — any team — you look at that, and as a player, you can look at it from so many different sides, but no matter how good you are, you gotta follow these guidelines. And if you don’t, you could be gone. … You gotta buy in.”

“Everybody’s definitely bought in — from the football training part of it to the weight room, and all the sports science types of things,” McCoy said. “Everybody’s bought in.”

I think what McCoy said is what Chip Kelly and the Eagles organization wanted to hear. Time will tell if Jackson’s release will pay off for the Eagles.

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  1. I’m not so sure if it’s the “buying in” part or the fact that Chip Kelly likes intelligent players. Jackson is a very good WR but the guy can barely speak English. Of course it may be a front. Some hoodrats are intelligent and can speak good English, but still choose to speak Hoodlish to be true to da homies. Either way, Kelly wasn’t havin’ it.

  2. Joe McCarry says:

    i never liked Desean Jackson. He was cocky from the beginning and he thought he was something important. It is now obvious he wasn’t. I was so happy the day the Eagles announced that they released Jackson. Good Riddance.

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