LeBron James agent was denied access to news conferenece after Game 2


With so much action happening on the court in regards in LeBron James, it should be surprising that there is also action going on off it as well.

Rich Paul, who is LeBron James’s agent, ran into a little problem after the Heat’s Game 2 win on Sunday night. Paul was headed to his client’s press conference like he always does but was stonewalled. The female security guard who was checking passes told Paul that he didn’t have the credentials to have access to the press conference.

“I’m LeBron James’ agent,” Rich Paul told the security woman.

She looked at his credential. She looked at him. She shrugged.

“I’m LeBron James’ agent,” Paul said again. “What don’t you understand about that?

She told him simply that his credential didn’t allow access into the news conference. She didn’t seem confused, nor doubting of his fancy job. This was a news conference, and he didn’t seem to be a reporter, nor a team official.

Paul was reaching now. “I can’t be LeBron James’ agent because I’ve got sneakers on?”

I don’t fault the security guard one bit because she was just doing her job. As for Paul, at least he won’t have that problem in Miami.

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