Julius Randle thinks a team made up the story about him needing foot surgery

Julius Randle

Julius Randle’s health has been the hot topic among the potential NBA lottery picks the past few weeks. After reports came out about him needing foot surgery, Randle made it clear that he doesn’t need surgery and didn’t know where that story came from.

Now that teams are aking asking more questions about the story, Randle thinks he knows how the story got started. Randle thinks that a team made up the story so he would fall to them in the draft.

“I think a lot of it is coming from maybe some teams (whose) motive is maybe for me to fall in the draft to them, or certain teams may want me,” said Randle.

“I met with the best foot doctor in the country and he said he wouldn’t do anything with my foot, so there’s no scheduled surgery or anything,” said Randle, adding that he would be ready to play in the summer league in July. “I feel healthy, athletic. I’m moving great. No problems recovering and I’m ready to go.”

Well that’s encouraging news for whatever team that decides to draft Randle. The question is how much has this story hurt his draft stock?

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