Jonathan Casillas says Josh McCown reminds him of Drew Brees


You can add Tampa Bay Buccaneers LB Jonathan Casillas to the list of people who are impressed by his new teammate Josh McCown. Casillas has been watching McCown during OTA’s and doesn’t have anything but nice things to say about him. Casillas has been so impressed with McCown, he has even compared him to a former teammate.

Casillas was on The Dave Rothenberg Show and said that McCown reminds him of all pro New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees.

“McCown is just, he’s on a another level right now I believe,” Casillas told The Dave Rothenberg Show. “Don’t take anything from Glennon. He’s just only in his second year. But McCown looks like he’s played a couple of years in this game. It’s a strong comparison, but he reminds me of Drew (Brees). Not just the way he throws the ball, but his approach to the game.”

I know that McCown has been getting a lot of hype lately but I don’t know about the Brees comparisons. I wonder how Mike Glennon feels about his teammate’s love for McCown.

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