ESPN SVP is alarmed that more carriers haven't picked up the SEC Network

sec_network_bannerJustin Connolly is the Senior Vice President of Programming for college networks for ESPN. With the launch of the SEC Network only a few months away, Connolly is beginning to get nervous.

Dish Network and AT&T U-Verse are the only national cable carriers that have signed on to show the network. So with that being said, Connolly is alarmed that more carriers haven’t picked up the network.

The fact that Dish Network is still the only major nationwide carrier to sign on to offer the new SEC Network that goes live Aug. 14 is “alarming” to Justin Connolly, head guru of the station.

Connolly said they feel good about where they are with getting national exposure, but there’s still work to do to sign up Charter, which services much of Birmingham, where viewership would be high. In fact, Birmingham had higher ratings for the BCS National Championship games than they did for the Super Bowl, he said.

“To be honest, it’s alarming (Charter) hasn’t signed up already, but deals often are made closer to launch,” said Connolly, the vice president of college networks for ESPN, which will run the station out of Charlotte, N.C.

It seems like ESPN is leaving it up to the fans to make these cable providers get the network. This issue is going to get interesting as the season gets closer

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