Eric Ebron believes he can be Rookie of the Year and make the Pro Bowl this season


Detroit Lions rookie tight end Eric Ebron knows he is going to be a big part of his team’s offense this season. The Lions offense was already one of the best in the NFL already, so Ebron is looking for ways to make it better. Ebron signed his contract on Friday and made it clear that he has high expectations for himself this season.

Ebron believes that he can be rookie of the year and make the pro bowl this season.

“Matt (Stafford) believes I can do it, coaches believe I can do it,” Ebron said. “My coach right now, he’s saying, ‘Our goal right now is to make it to the Pro Bowl our rookie year.’ I was like, ‘Well, your goal is my goal, so we’re going to try to do it as fast and as quickly and make it be known as fast as we can.”

“My goals are set high,” Ebron said Sunday at Michigan International Speedway, where he’s the grand marshal for the Quicken Loans 400. “I’ve never set goals that were too low or too easy to achieve. I’m going to try to go for rookie of the year. If it happens, it happens. I believe I can do it.”

Ebron is a very talented tight end and with Johnson getting all the attention, there will be a lot of chances for him to make plays in this offense.

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