Darrelle Revis says the only thing he misses about Tampa Bay is the weather

Darrelle Revis

New England Patriots CB Darrelle Revis admits last season was a bad experience in Tampa Bay. Revis and then Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano clashed along with other players who didn’t like Schiano’s philosophy. Revis was back in Florida taking part in Drew Brees’s  Passing Academy and spoke to the media during the event. Revis was asked what he missed about his time in Tampa Bay and Revis’s response summed up his time with the team.

Asked what he’ll miss about his time in Tampa, Revis quickly answered “the weather,” but added that he also built friendships that remain with his Bucs teammates, players he still stays in touch with now.

“I miss the guys there. That was a team that accepted me as well,” he said. “That’s a young group down there, and those guys were really fun to be around.”

Revis also said that he didn’t have an bad feelings against Tampa Bay.

“It’s business. I know what it is,” Revis said. “They acquired three three other people for me, and that’s fine. You’ve got to move on. I’ve moved on. I’m in a great place right now. I’m just getting prepared for the season.”

Looks like both sides have move on from last season and looking towards this season.

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