Dallas Cowboys have installed ballet bars to help loosen up their players


The Dallas Cowboys are looking for different ways  to deal with hamstring and thigh injuries. The Cowboys had 12 players sidelined due to hamstring or thigh issue this past season. So in order to prevent those kind of injuries from happening, the Cowboys have installed new equipment to help with the process.

One piece of equipment that will surely get some laughs is the ballet bars that have been installed. 

Head coach Jason Garrett says that they are pretty serious about these types of injuries.

“We’ve put a big emphasis on addressing, as an organization, some of the injuries that we’ve had,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said last week. “Just an emphasis on stretching, giving our players the opportunity, whether it’s with ballet bars or V-sits or back systems, whatever things we use, we try to help them get into routines that can help them be flexible and avoid some of the injuries we’ve had. It’s always been an emphasis for us. We have to look at ourselves and what we’re doing to help our players stay as healthy as possible.”

“Typically, we’ve done kind of the old team stretch, and we’re experimenting with dynamic warm-up stuff that I’ve done in my past, other coaches have done in the past,” Garrett said. “You try to be innovative, you try to evolve, you get feedback from the players, you get feedback from the coaches.

“We just try to help our players get themselves more ready to practice and hopefully stay healthier over time.”

If you’r Garrett, you have to try anything you can to try to keep these guys healthy. For the offensive players this is great. As for the defensive players, I think all of them could be healthy and they would still be terrible.

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