Clint Dempsey plans to release a rap album


US Soccer star Clint Dempsey has been one of the most talked about athlete the past couple of days. After being a big part in the United States opening win against Ghana, the team is on an all time high. But for Dempsey, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what he has planned this summer. Dempsey says he spent two weeks in Los Angeles during the offseason preparing to release a rap album sometime in the summer.

“We just were having fun with it and it ended up being an album,” said Mr. Dempsey, who collaborated with rappers and producers from his hometown of Nacogdoches, Texas. One of them, Mike Chehadé, said that if nothing else, the record could help make the U.S. team seem a little more intimidating.

“We’re not known as a soccer powerhouse—we’re almost known for being soft. But Clint has this edge,” he said.

“Because he’s a soccer player, and people automatically expect it to not be good,” said Mr. Chehadé, the album’s executive producer. “I’m not saying he’s Eminem, but he’s definitely qualified.”

After seeing Dempsey rap on ESPN’s Highly Questionable, I would tell Dempsey to stick to playing soccer.

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