Brandon LaFell says the New England Patriots work harder than the Carolina Panthers

brandon-lafellNew England Patriots WR Brandon LaFell spent his last four seasons playing with the Carolina Panthers. Now that he is with the Patriots, LaFell is starting to realize things are a little different in New England from what he was used to in Carolina.

Reading through the playbook with Tom Brady and being covered by Darrell Revis were eye openers for LaFell. And after just the first couple of days of OTA’s, LaFell thinks that the Patriots work a little harder than his former team.

“The way we work, the way we practice, is all new [to me]. It’s not like we didn’t work hard in Carolina, but we work a little harder here.”

It seems like LaFell wasn’t trying to take a shot at his former team, but how do you respond to that if you are the Carolina Panthers?

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