Bernard Pollard thinks the Titans defense has transformed into Pit Bulls and Rottweilers


Tennessee Titans safety Bernard Pollard has been known to express his opinion in different ways than others. And after leading the Titans in tackles last season, Pollard hopes to do even more this season.

With new defensive coordinator Ray Horton using a hybrid defense this season, Pollard is very excited about how aggressive the defense is going to be. While explaining how aggressive the defense is going to be, Pollard decided to share that he believes the defense has transformed into Pit Bulls and Rottweilers.

“We were German shepherds in the training phase, but for some reason we transformed to Pit bulls, to Rottweilers,” Pollard said. “Preferably, I want to be a lion, but there’s no lions over here, but I’ve got the heart.”

“We know where we don’t want to go. We know what we don’t want to do,” Pollard said. “We’ve got some pieces of the puzzle that have been to where we want to go, so now it’s time for us to put that together in a new defense where it’s going to allow us to make plays, it’s going to put the players in position to make game-changing plays for us. We didn’t do a lot of that last year.

That’s an interesting take from Pollard and the direction he thinks the Titans defense is headed. It sounds like he is expecting big things from his defense this season.

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