Ben Tate takes a shot at Mark Ingram while discussing Johnny Manziel


Cleveland Browns running back Ben Tate thinks that people should calm down with all the Johnny Manziel talk. Tate who signed with the Browns back in May thinks that the media covers Manziel too much.

Tate also thinks that Manziel has to unseat Brian Hoyer as the starter first which is true. But when Tate tried to explained his Heisman theory, he took a shot at New Orleans Saints RB Mark Ingram in the process.

“He had success early in his career when he was at (Texas) A&M,” Tate said. “He won the Heisman or whatever. But there are lots of people that have won the Heisman. I mean, Mark Ingram won the Heisman, and I don’t see everyone all excited when he got to the league.

With Tate coming out of Auburn and Ingram from Alabama, he could just be throwing shots because of their respective schools. But regardless of any of that, it’s 100% true that Ingram hasn’t lived up to the expectations of being a first round pick.

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