Atlanta Falcons are tracking their players' brains to improve focus and attention


In the NFL, teams try to find ways to improve their players in different ways. The Atlanta Falcons have come up with an interesting way to improve their players’ focus and attention.

The Falcons have teamed up with a company called CogniSens Inc., for a product called NeuroTracker. This system is uses a  3D display and challenges athletes to spread their attention by tracking many targets at high speeds.

“As an organization we are always looking for ways to improve our player’s performance on the field,” Falcons General Manager Thomas Dimitroff said. “By partnering with CongniSens we believe that we will provide our players with an additional tool that they can use as they prepare. By utilizing NeuroTracker technology we feel that our players will get the most out of their classroom and meeting time.”

I’m very interested to see how this works out. It just goes to show how for these teams will go to get an edge.

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