Andrew Bogut says the Clippers and Warriors had historic protest planned if Donald Sterling's punishment wasn't harsh


Golden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut is back in Australia recovering from injuries that kept him out of the NBA playoffs. Even though Bogut wasn’t playing, he was still on the sideline watching his teammates take on the Los Angeles Clippers.

As we all know, Donald Sterling’s antics was a dark cloud that hovered over that series which the players admitted. And according to Bogut, both teams had planned a historic protest if Adam Silver didn’t punish Sterling to their liking.

“It would have gone down in history as a stance against what was said, and rightfully so. That was the day they (NBA officials) were announcing the punishment, the morning of our game. Our players and their players got together and the plan was if the punishment was not sufficient, when the referee threw the ball up nobody would jump, the ball would hit the ground and both sides would head to the locker room and not play. It would have been very interesting”.

“It would have gone down as one of the most significant protests in sporting history, especially in this day an age because you don’t see that sort of stuff. Racism is not an issue and you just don’t see the type of comments that Sterling made”.

I would have to agree with Bogut here. If both teams would have went through with it, a major statement would have been made.

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