Alabama signee says running with horses helped with speed and athleticism


We all have heard stories about how athletes in different sports work on their speed and athleticism. For example, down in South Florida, an area known as “The Muck”, kids would chase rabbits to increase their speed. Well for Alabama signee Rashaad Evans, he has the same story but with a different animal.

Evans credits running with horses that his family owned with helping him with his speed and athleticism. Evans said he got the idea from his brother.

“At first, it was weird,” Rashaan said. “I didn’t know what he was doing. I was like, ‘why are you chasing horses?’ So I started doing it.”

“All it does, it works on cardio and all that stuff and just having something that’s much faster than you running around with it,” Rashaan said. “When you get on the field, it’s almost like the game comes slower to you because athletes are not as fast as horses.”

That’s a very unique training method because I’ve never heard of that before. We will see how much this will help Evans during his career at Alabama.

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