After being questioned about his health, Danny Amendola pulls the plug on interview

Danny Amendola

New England Patriots WR Danny Amendola has dealt with injuries throughout his career. In fact, He hasn’t played a full 16 games schedule in his career. But when he is healthy, he is very productive slot receiver.

Recently, Amendola made an appearance on 98.5 FM “The Sports Hub” with Adam Jones to promote his charity event. Eventually, Jones began to steer the converstaion to football and started asking Amendola questions about his health.

“You’ve had a fairly extensive injury history through the course of your career and your time in the league. You’ve been described as injury prone, or fragile or even unlucky. Using that word, or maybe another that comes to mind for you, how would you describe your injury situation?”

“It’s not something I really think about to tell the truth. My job is to be as healthy as I can and play good football. That’s really the only thing I focus on. I don’t really think about it too much,” said Amendola.

Jones then asked Amendola how he feel now and Amendola responded that he felt fine. But when Jones asked a third question about Amendola’s health, the line cut off and Amendola never called back.

I’m sure Amendola was getting frustrated because he thought that they were going to talk about his charity event. But I do believe the line cutting off was no technical issue, Amendola just hung up.

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