T.J. Ward says strip club incident was blown out of proportion


Denver Broncos T.J. Ward was  in the news last week after reports of an arrest warrant was issued for him.  Ward was charged with misdemeanor assault and disturbing the peace at a local strip club. Reports state that Ward allegedly tossed a mug at a bartender after she told him alcohol was not allowed inside the club. Ward spoke to the media after the conclusion of  the Broncos first OTA’s and said that the whole situation was blown out of proportion.

“Anytime there’s a negative situation about yourself, it’s a little embarrassing,” Ward said after his first practice as a Bronco. “But I think it was kind of blown out of proportion. It was basically a ticket or a summons, and it wasn’t supposed to be a warrant. There was miscommunication between the police department and myself, so that’s why they issued that. But that’s all being resolved.”

Well it looks like that this issue will be over for Ward after his next court date. He should also be happy that the NFL probably won’t get involved in this issue as well.

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