Mark Sanchez believes he is in the prime of his career


After being released from the New York Jets this offseason, Mark Sanchez was looking for a fresh start. Sanchez is now with the Philadelphia Eagles and loves that he is playing for an offensive minded coach in Chip Kelly. He also comes into a situation where he doesn’t have the pressure of being the star of a franchise. After missing all of last season due to a shoulder injury, Sanchez says he is healthy and feels that he is in the prime of his career.

Sanchez’s March release from the Jets and subsequent transition to a new city haven’t been easy, but he remains an optimist who believes he’s “just entering the prime of my career.”

“Maybe this whole shoulder thing and relocation has just been a blessing in disguise,” Sanchez said. “Maybe that year off was exactly what I needed. Got a little rest for my legs, for my arm, and I feel great.”

Sanchez is 27 years old so technically he is telling the truth about being in his prime. The real question will be if he will get a chance to prove that he’s better than what we saw while he was in New York.

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