Chris Andersen ignored investigators during 2013 NBA Playoffs


If you remember one thing that stood out during the Miami Heat’s championship run last season, it was the play of Chris “Birdman” Andersen. He gave the Heat a defensive presence down in the paint which ultimately helped the Heat win another championship.

Eventhough Anderson was doing good on the court, off the court was the complete opposite. Anderson was under investigation for child pornography back in 2012 which continued through the 2013 NBA Playoffs. According to Flinder Boyd of Newsweek, Anderson didn’t want to become a distraction so he ignored investigators during the Heat’s title run.

“It was Cronce, offering to explain for the first time some of what she and Olson had learned and asking for his cooperation. This was the moment Andersen had been praying for over eight agonizing months. But he also knew that any public revelations, even one that exonerated him, would distract his team on their quest for a title, so he did something almost unthinkable: He ignored Cronce”.

That is a lot to deal especially with the playoffs going on as well. Anderson was cleared in September of last year of any wrong doing.

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