The NFL is considering 43-yard extra points

extra-pointsThe NFL is trying to figure out what to do with extra points. Roger Goodell threw out the possibility of abolishing them outright back in January, but that idea didn’t get much traction.Now the NFL Competition Committee is attempting to tackle the issue and they’ve come up with the idea of making the attempts longer.

According to the NFL Network, the NFL is planning to experiment with 43-yard extra points in upcoming preseason games.

The NFL Competition Committee has discussed experimenting this preseason with a longer — much longer — extra-point try. According to one member, the committee’s meetings this weekend included preliminary talks about placing the ball at the 25-yard line for the extra-point kick — which would make it a 43-yard attempt — rather than the 2-yard line, where it is currently placed.

Only five of the 1,267 extra points that were tried last season were missed, so it’s clear that the NFL is looking for more missed extra points, thus making the whole practice much more exciting.

Though there are preliminary plans to experiment in the preseason, one committee member warns that nothing is etched in stone.

“There is no consensus yet,” said the committee member. “We could experiment in preseason, but we are not there yet.”

In typical NFL fashion, this will be slowly integrated into the game. But the fact that it seems that the NFL really wants to overhaul extra points makes me think this, or something similar, will eventually get implemented.

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