Phil Jackson: Jesus could probably coach the Lakers

phil-jacksonOther than his occasional insightful NBA tweets, we haven’t heard from Phil Jackson lately about his opinion of the Lakers and the NBA as a whole. Sam Amick of USA Today was able to get many of Jackson’s opinion on paper during a discussion the two had over the weekend at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.

Amick and Jackson discussed a myriad of topics, but let’s be honest, all we’re really interested in is what the pair discussed about the Lakers.

Amick prodded Jackson on whether Jackson could see himself coaching the Lakers again, to which Jackson responded, “I don’t think so.” Amick also asked Jackson if he received clarity from the Lakers back in 2012, when it appeared he would be returning to coach the team, only to learn that Mike D’Antoni had been hired. Jackson says he has let that situation go, but seems relieved that he didn’t get the job. Mainly because in his mind, it’s merely impossible to have success with the current roster. Unless of course, you’re Jesus.

Q: Did you ever get complete clarity on whose decision it was to back out of what seemed like an agreement (when the Lakers hired Mike D’Antoni in Nov. 2012 after it appeared Jackson was returning)?

A: You know, it was something that has bounced from spot to spot. When I left (the interview), Jimmy was pretty happy about it and Mitch was still saying, “We’re going to keep interviewing people,” and I think the ultimate (decision) kind of rested with Dr. Buss and he made the decision in the hospital the day after. I haven’t chosen to bite on that. I’ve just let that go. I’m real comfortable with it. I don’t have any trouble. I think Jesus could probably coach this team pretty well, but outside of him maybe Mohammed, maybe Gandhi, someone like that.

So Lakers fans don’t be too hard on Mike D’Antoni. According to the Zen Master, he doesn’t have a chance with this Lakers roster.

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  1. LiberalsRCommies says:

    Jesus could tie your ass in a knot without using his hands. Don’t take the name of our God in vain.

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