Minnesota State Representative Pat Garofalo thinks street crime would rise if NBA folded

pat-garofaloIn every profession, whether it’s sports or in Corporate America, there is always going to be someone who has issues with the law. The difference between the two is when athletes have problems with the law, it’s all over TV and people begin to make judgments without knowing the whole story.

Take the Richard Sherman and Marcus Smart incidents for examples. All you heard was people saying they were thugs despite that fact that neither of them had done anything to warrant being called that.

One of the people who fall into this category is Minnesota State Representative Pat Garofalo. Here is what the State Representative posted on Twitter about the NBA and street crime:


I’m all for people expressing their true feelings about certain things, but when you’re a State Representative you would think one would know better about posting these types of comments. I’m interested to see if Garofalo issues a statement about his tweet because this is unacceptable.

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