Dan Patrick thinks John Calipari’s tenure at Kentucky is coming to an end

john-calipariThis season has been a tough one for John Calipari and the Kentucky Wildcats. After bringing in the #1 recruiting class this past season,Wildcats fans were thinking of another National Championship. Now they’re just hoping that they can hold on to a projected 6 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

Not only are people counting them out to win a National Title, they’re not even the best team in their own conference. Add in the pressure that Kentucky fans expect championships every season, what you end up with is a  stressful situation for Calipari.

That stress was evident on when Calipari ducked out on reporters after Saturday’s loss to South Carolina. All of which has Dan Patrick thinking that Calipari’s days as head coach at Kentucky are numbered.

Patrick, who has his own radio show, thinks that Calipari is beginning to realize that winning with a bunch of one-and-done players is very hard to do. Here is Patrick opinion of why he think Calipari might be done with Kentucky.

Patrick makes valid points and it will be interesting to see how Kentucky fans respond to this.

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