Two women say that they were attacked during Seattle Seahawks’ victory parade

Seattle Seahawks paradeIt was supposed to be a celebration for a grandmother, her daughter, and her granddaughter. But during the Seattle Seahawks’ victory parade, everything turned into a nightmare.

According to, two of the women were attacked by two men and a woman.  Margy Conlee who is 67 years old says that the confrontation started after Conlee’s daughter, Alyxa, asked three people standing next to the Conlee party to stop using vulgar language. She said the guy replied with “He had his own effing 5-year old there and wasn’t going to change his language for everybody” then the attack happened.

“The two men each punched Alyxa in the face, while a woman pulled her hair. One of the men began punching Margy, who is 67 years old. The whole event, police say, was witnessed by the two girls who were with them, including Alyxa’s 7-year old daughter.”

“Alyxa had bruises and a slight concussion. As someone who has battled glaucoma since she was a child, she worried about long-term impacts to her vision. Her mother was left with a gash across her forehead and two black eyes. The children escaped unscathed.”

I feel bad for the women who were attacked and it’s a shame that people can’t just go out and enjoy themselves without being violent.

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