Tony Gonzalez is unhappy with how his comments about Matt Ryan were portrayed

Tony Gonzalez, Matt Ryan

Tony Gonzalez made headlines earlier this month when described former teammate Matt Ryan as excellent but not elite. Gonzalez who just accepted an analyst job with CBS hadn’t spoken about the quote until now. Gonzalez spoke to the Atlanta Journal Constitution about the ESPN the Magazine story and wasn’t too thrilled about how the quote was taken out of context.

“There was no firestorm,” Gonzalez said. “They pulled quotes from that article a couple of days before it came out, so now you’re not getting the whole story. ESPN was biased about it and so was the NFL Network. I saw the ticker where it said, ‘Tony calls out his former quarterback’ or whatever. Which is ridiculous.”

Gonzalez says that Ryan is a good friend and says it’s a non-issue between the two.

“Matt and I are going on two vacations together,” Gonzalez said. “Me and his wife (Sarah) and my wife (October), we go out to dinner all of the time. Why would I call the guy out, who made the last five years of my career great? Why would I call him out?

“I didn’t call him out. That’s why I didn’t respond to it. I didn’t tweet about it. I didn’t go on a bunch of radio stations. I did a couple of interviews and I was like, I’m not defending myself. This is ridiculous and I talked to Matt, too. It’s a non-story as far as I was concerned.”

It seems that everything is cool between Gonzalez and Ryan, so I guess we can consider this issue resolved.

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